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Hello there, welcome here to our blog. Today we will be talking about changing Ohms and how anyone can do it simply. Follow the article till the end to know the answer to more such questions. 

Change Ohms On Vape

How Can I Change The Ohms On My Smok Vape?


Most smok mods allow you to adjust the ohms. You will have to lock the mag, lock it and press the front arrow to increase the wattage. The menu will appear, or seldom you may receive a message saying, “volts too low.”

What Is Smok Mag?

Smok is the leader in the vaping market that sells electronic cigarettes with the latest vape technology and contemporary design.

Do The Ohms Affect Vaping?

Ohms is the unit of electric resistance, and the lower you keep the resistance of your atomizer, the more the amount of current flows through it. Increasing the resistance gives the atomizer less current. 

What Wattage Should You Vape At?

ImgEveryone prefers different, but if you ask us, we suggest a typical range of 40-50 watts where the Vape feels energising. At a certain level, you start feeling the subtleties in your e liquid flavours at this dimension and feel Vape hitting your throat.

Do Different Level Ohms Have an Effect On Flavour?

It is, in fact, said that lower ohms produce a more impactful Vape, but it doesn’t need to be flavoursome. The effect of flavour depends on the type, brand, quality and taste of the e-liquid that you use. 

However, one should keep in mind that heating the e-liquid at different temperatures and speeds does subtly affect the end result. 

Where Can I Get The Best E-liquid For My Vapes?

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